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The Maricopa County Elections Department offers several options for viewing maps of election districts and voting precincts. You can use our interactive map viewers to view and navigate the county and see overlays of district combinations that interest you. Our most sophisticated map viewer, the "REViewer" will also let you analyze districts, obtain demographic and registration information, and more. Or, you can select a "ready to go" map in Adobe Acrobat format that you can view and print.

Board of Supervisor Approved on Feb. 6th 2012; Precleared by the Department of Justice April 3, 2012; Implememented for fall 2012 elections.

The section below lists the choices that are available to you.

Viewer Description
REViewer Our most powerful viewer. One click or click-and-drag navigation, query, select, analyze, get detailed district reports.
Single District Maps Maps zoomed to a particular district. Very simple interactive viewer lets you zoom in, zoom out, or pan the map.
Pre-Formatted Maps Pre-made maps in Adobe Acrobat format. View these online, print them out, or purchase printed maps.


Please note that these maps show districts and precincts within Maricopa County only. Some Congressional and Legislative districts extend beyond Maricopa County, but the parts within Maricopa County are shown here.

If you have any questions or comments on this web page, please contact Gary Bilotta or Greg Bunce.

Disclaimer: This website represents the best information available to Maricopa County and the Recorder/Elections Department. The Maricopa County Recorder/Elections Department does not warrant its accuracy or completeness. Map data shown meets or exceeds National Map Data Accuracy Standards of plus or minus 40 feet. These maps are not intended for surveying or engineering purposes.

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