Phoenix, AZ, October 19, 2001 – Today, Steve Gallardo was sworn in as a member of the Cartwright Elementary School District No.83 Board by Deputy County Schools Superintendent, Ben Arrendondo. Gallardo will be filling a two year unexpired term.

“What is so unique to my appointment,” said Gallardo, “is that I have lived all my life in the Cartwright School District. I attended elementary school, junior high school and high school all in the Cartwright District. I have knowledge of the community, the district and its politics, and I will not only represent the children, but the faculty, the district, and the community as well.”

Presently, Gallardo is Campaign Finance Director for the Maricopa County Elections Department. In that position he has developed effective campaign seminars and is highly respected in the field of campaign finance.

Appointed to the Arizona Civil Rights Board by Governor Hull, Gallardo also serves on the Maryvale Planning Committee, the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Task Force, Arizona Secretary of State Voter Advisory Council, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, National Council of Latino Elected and Appointed Officers, Arizona Latino Coalition for Political Action, and Arizona Call-A-Teen Youth Resources. He is especially proud of the Mis Hermanos Program – a mentoring program for youth at risk, which Gallardo helped to develop.

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