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Polling Place Locator

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Find Your Assigned Location by entering your current* residence address below

*In order for your ballot to count, you must go to the polling place assigned for your current residence address.

VIEW ALL POLLING LOCATIONS for the current election

  • To find out the name and address of your polling place, complete the form below.
  • Please enter your current* residence address. Street suffix should normally be left blank unless your street has a suffix (for example: "14000 W Anystreet Cir N 85555" then the "N" is a "Street Suffix"). Do not enter any periods in street name (for example: "1000 W St John Dr 85555", do not key as "St. John" with a period).*See example below*
  • A sample ballot for your address entered below can be viewed from the results page approximately 15 days prior to the current election.

Example of registered voter's address: 14000 W Anystreet Cir N 85555
House No = 14000
Street Direction = W
Street Name = Anystreet
Street Type = Cir (leave empty if not applicable)
Street Suffix = N (leave empty if not applicable)
Zip Code = 85555


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