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Recording Fees

To better serve you, we have added a fee calculator to our recording fees section.
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On July 3, 2015 new standardized recording fees will take effect pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-475.

All Deeds of conveyance $15.00 (additional $2.00 for Affidavit of Real Property Value)
All Deeds of Trust/Mortgage $25.00
All Releases of Deed of Trust/Mortgage $10.00

The new standardized fees are set at a flat rate, and include the fees for extra pages and postage and handling.

A person recording a deed of trust or mortgage constructed for at least one family but not more than four families shall include “RESIDENTIAL 1-4” in the caption heading on the first page of each document. Failure to comply with this subsection does not affect the validity of the document or the validity of the recording of the document.

An additional fee of $3 will be assessed for:

Each additional indexing category on the same instrument.
Each additional transaction on the same instrument.

Disclaimer: Our office does not guarantee that documents received by mail will be recorded on the day received. ×
All Instruments Fees
All instruments, unless otherwise specified (ARS 11-475)  $9.00
Additional Charges:  
For each additional page over 5 (ARS 11-475.A.1) $1.00
Maximum additional page charge (ARS 11-475.A.1) $250.00
For each additional indexing category (ARS 11-475.B) $3.00
For each additional transaction (ARS 11-475.C) $3.00
Disclosure of Beneficiary (ARS 33-404) $3.00
Additional fee for each instrument requiring an Affidavit of Real Property Value (ARS 11-1132) $2.00
Governmental Agencies Fees
Governmental Agencies (ARS 11-475.A.2) $7.00
Additional Charges:  
For each additional page over 5 $.50
For each additional indexing category (ARS 11-475.B) $3.00
Military Fees
Military Discharges (ARS 11-465) $0
UCC Filings Fees
UCC-1 Financing Statement (ARS 11-475.A.1) $9.00
UCC-1 Financing Statement with Fixture Filing or Real Property (ARS 11-475.A.2) $12.00
UCC-2 Change or Amendment:  
Continuation, Assignment or Amendment (ARS 11-475.A.1) $9.00
Satisfaction, Termination or Release of Chattel (ARS 11-475.A) $9.00
Partial Release (ARS 11-475.A) $9.00
UCC-3 Request for information, for each name searched (ARS 11-475.A.5) $10.00
Additional Charges: (ARS 11-475.A.1)  
For each recording number reported $1.00
For copies requested, per page $1.00
UCC-4 Disposition of Collateral (ARS 11-475.A.1) $9.00
Maps and Plats Fees
Maps and Plats, first sheet (ARS 11-481.C) $24.00
For each sheet after the first $20.00
Governmental Agencies, first sheet (ARS 11-475.A.1) $14.00
For each sheet after the first $10.00
Affidavits Fees
Affidavit of Performance of Annual Labor (ARS 27-208.D) $14.00
Tax Liens  
Federal Tax Lien (ARS 33-1035) $7.00
Federal Tax Lien Search (ARS 33-1034.D)  $10.00
Postage (Not for use with Standardized Fees) Fees
Per ARS 11-475.E a $1.00 postage fee shall be charged for each instrument if the Recorder is required to deliver such instruments by mail. $1.00

Other Fees

Fax Fees
Fax $3.00
Copies Fees
Copies of Records, per page (ARS 11-475.A.4) $1.00
Certification of Copies (ARS 11-475.A.4) $3.00
State Agencies: (ARS 11-475.D)  
Copies of Records $.50
Certification of Copies $1.50
Map Copies 18 x 24 (ARS 11-475.A.4) $1.00
Duplication of Aperture Cards (ARS 39-121.03) $2.00
DVD Fees
Daily Recorded Documents (charge per day) $185.00
Daily Affidavits of Value (charge per day) $8.00
Grantor/Grantee Index (charge per record) $.0125
Bulk Images (charge per day) $185


The following agencies and/or documents are exempt from recording fees:

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