Helen Purcell: Maricopa County Recorder
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Recorders of Maricopa County Arizona

1871 to Present Listed below are the Recorders of Maricopa County from the beginning to our current Recorder, Helen Purcell.
  • 1871-1872 James L. Mercer
  • 1872 J.R. Darroche
  • 1873-1874 Charles F. Cate
  • 1875-1876 James A. Parker
  • 1877-1880 William F. McNulty
  • 1881-1882 Richard Frank Kirkland
  • 1883-1884 Neri Ficklin Osborn
  • 1885-1886 William Robertson Morris
  • 1887-1888 Henry Lincoln Wharton
  • 1889-1894 Neri Ficklin Osborn
  • 1895 Winthrop Sears
  • 1895-1896 John W. Kincaid
  • 1897-1900 Frederick W. Sheridan
  • 1901-1904 B. Frank McFall
  • 1905-1912 Clay F. Leonard
  • 1912-1918 Vernon L. Vaughn
  • 1919-1922 Edith M. Jacobs
  • 1923-1928 William H. Linville
  • 1929-1930 J.K. Ward
  • 1931-1938 William H. Linville
  • 1939-1956 Roger G. Laveen
  • 1957-1963 N.C. “Kelly” Moore Dec
  • 1963-1968 Clifford H. Ward
  • 1969-Jul 1974 Paul N. Marston
  • Jul 1974-Jun 1978 Tom Freestone
  • Jun 1978-Dec 1983 Bill Henry
  • Jan 1984-Dec 1988 Keith Poletis
  • Jan 1989-Present Helen Purcell
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