Maricopa County Recorder's Office

Digital Recording Program

The Upload Program is ideal for customers who will be recording less than sixty files per day. If you are a high volume recording customer, you may want to contact our office to obtain instructions for the VPN (virtual private network) connection.

Documents submitted in a digital format will be reviewed Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time excluding County holidays, however we provide you with the ability to submit these documents up to thirty days in advance for recording during business hours.

In order to participate in the digital recording process you must first open a recording account. If you do not already have a recording account, and would like to open one, you can obtain the forms by clicking here. You will also need a scanner capable of storing images in a multi page PDF or Group-4 TIFF.

After your account application is processed, you will be assigned an account number. At that point your Digital Recording Folders will be created along with IDs and Passwords. You will receive an ID and Password to access the Digital Recording Upload Program. The Digital Recording Upload Program is the web application that you will use to upload your files to the Maricopa County Recorder, recording queue. The web page provided will allow you access to verify if your file(s) was successfully received and waiting to be processed, verify that your file(s) has been successfully recorded and review any file(s) that may have received errors, as well as providing you with the ability to view your transaction history with the Maricopa County Recorder’s office.

Once we have your folders set up we will schedule a time to web conference with you to test and answer any questions you may have regarding the upload process.

Please keep in mind that our technical staff is not able to assist you with any technical issues that are derived from your end. If you have technical questions I will be happy to discuss them with you and I will try to assist you, however if your technical problems cannot be resolved you will need to enlist assistance from your IT staff. Once your ID’s and Password’s have been assigned, we will walk through the processes together and a member of the Recorder’s staff will explain the functions and tools of each page.

If you have any questions regarding digital recording, or if you would like more information about this process, please email me at

I look forward to working with you and I appreciate your patience during this time period.

Ryan McDevitt
Digital Recording Supervisor

Account Application Forms

The following blank forms are available for you to print or download:

Download Document
Account Application (Must be completed to open an account with the Maricopa County Recorder)
Download Document
Memorandum of Understanding (Must be completed by an account customer that wants to record electronically)




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