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Recording Fees

To better serve you,  we have added a fee calculator to our recording fees section. Click the calculator to view.  Fee Calculator
Disclaimer: Our office does not guarantee that documents received by mail will be recorded on the day received.
Per ARS 11-475.E a $1.00 postage fee shall be charged for each instrument if the Recorder is required to deliver such instruments by mail.
All Instruments
All instruments, unless otherwise specified (ARS 11-475)  $9.00
Additional Charges:  
For each additional page over 5 (ARS 11-475.A.1) $1.00
Maximum additional page charge (ARS 11-475.A.1) $250.00
For each additional indexing category (ARS 11-475.B) $3.00
For each additional transaction (ARS 11-475.C) $3.00
Disclosure of Beneficiary (ARS 33-404) $3.00
Additional fee for each instrument requiring an Affidavit of Real Property Value (ARS 11-1132) $2.00
Governmental Agencies
Governmental Agencies (ARS 11-475.A.2) $7.00
Additional Charges:  
For each additional page over 5 $.50
For each additional indexing category (ARS 11-475.B) $3.00
Military Discharges (ARS 11-465) 0
UCC Filings
UCC-1 Financing Statement (ARS 11-475.A.1) $9.00
UCC-1 Financing Statement with Fixture Filing or Real Property (ARS 11-475.A.2) $12.00
UCC-2 Change or Amendment:  
Continuation, Assignment or Amendment (ARS 11-475.A.1) $9.00
Satisfaction, Termination or Release of Chattel (ARS 11-475.A) $9.00
Partial Release (ARS 11-475.A) $9.00
UCC-3 Request for information, for each name searched (ARS 11-475.A.5) $10.00
Additional Charges: (ARS 11-475.A.1)  
For each recording number reported $1.00
For copies requested, per page $1.00
UCC-4 Disposition of Collateral (ARS 11-475.A.1) $9.00
Maps and Plats
Maps and Plats, first sheet (ARS 11-481.C) $24.00
For each sheet after the first $20.00
Governmental Agencies, first sheet (ARS 11-475.A.1) $14.00
For each sheet after the first $10.00
Affidavit of Performance of Annual Labor (ARS 27-208.D) $14.00
Tax Liens  
Federal Tax Lien (ARS 33-1035) $7.00
Federal Tax Lien Search (ARS 33-1034.D)  $10.00


Other Fees
Fax $3.00
Copies of Records, per page (ARS 11-475.A.4) $1.00
Certification of Copies (ARS 11-475.A.4) $3.00
State Agencies: (ARS 11-475.D)  
Copies of Records $.50
Certification of Copies $1.50
Map Copies 18 x 24 (ARS 11-475.A.4) $1.00
Duplication of Aperture Cards (ARS 39-121.03) $2.00
Daily Recorded Documents (charge per day) $185.00
Daily Affidavits of Value (charge per day) $8.00
Grantor/Grantee Index (charge per record) $.0125
Bulk Images (charge per day) $185


The following agencies and/or documents are exempt from recording fees:

  • Child Support Enforcement Administration per ARS 25-508.B.
  • Any County Agency or Department per ARS 11-475.F.
  • Racketeering Liens per ARS 13-2314.02.
  • Restitution Liens per ARS 13-806.
  • Re-recording due to a County Recorder's error.
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