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Accessible Early Voting Ballot Requests

The ballot request deadline is closed for the November 8 General Election.

Voters may cast a ballot in-person now through Election Day.
Find a location and hours at Locations.Maricopa.Vote or call 602-506-1511.

All ballots must be received by 7PM on Election Day and postmarks do not count. The last recommended day to mail back your ballot is November 1. Voters can return early ballots at any Vote Center or secure ballot drop box open now through Election Day. Find a location and hours at Locations.Maricopa.Vote. Check the status of your early ballot at BeBallotReady.Vote.

EMERGENCY VOTING is also available for individuals that have any unforeseen circumstance that would prevent the elector from voting at the polls. For more information or to make a request, call 602-506-1511 or for collect calls use 602-506-0544.


Tips on how to fill out the Early Voting Ballot Request form

  1. Do not enter the Jr or II or III in your name.
  2. Enter your house number only (e.g. You live at 4569 E. Anywhere St., ENTER ONLY 4569)
  3. If you choose to enter your voter id, it must be a numeric value.
  4. If you choose to enter your driver's license number, enter it exactly as it appears on your license, with no dashes or spaces.

If your information still does not match our database then send an email along with the information you have entered to [email protected]. They will be able to inform you what part of your information does not match against our database.

The County Recorder’s Office does not collect or use information for commercial marketing. But information provided to the County Recorder’s Office may by, under certain circumstances, be subject to the Arizona Public Records Act. Electronically submitted information is maintained and destroyed according to the principles of the Arizona Public Records Act and the regulations and records schedules of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records Office of the Secretary of State.