Campaign Finance Help

Logging In

  • You need your Candidate Id and Password to log in.
  • You can change your password by clicking on the Change Password button. Enter all four of the required fields and click OK.
  • If you forget your password then enter your Candidate Id and Email address and for security reasons a new one will be generated for you and emailed to you immediately. You can update the password if you like.
  • After you login you will be redirected to the campaign finance page where you can select a Year to see what has been submitted or will need to be submitted for that year.

Filling out the Campaign Finance forms

  • To get started click on the link labeled N/A underneath the Status title. This will create the Document ID which is a key link for your report.
  • All the fields are required. You will be notified if a field is missing when you try and save.
  • If you are entering the wrong data type it will display an exclamation mark (!). For example: if you are entering text in a Date field or text in a Amount field.
  • After a successful Save you should see this message - Data was saved successfully. Use the grid below to edit the record.
  • If at anytime you receive this message - An error has occurred. Please try again. Use the contact us form if you need further help - Contact Us for help.

Editing Documents

  • Click the Edit link located next to the record you want to edit in the grid below the Save button. Make your updates and when you are done click Save.
  • Clicking Delete will delete the record. You will be prompted "Do you want to delete this row?". Clicking OK will delete the data. Click Cancel if you don't wish to delete.
  • "Last page of this schedule" values can be edited by re-entering the data and saving it. The original values will get overwritten. A Delete here will not prompt you before it deletes the data.

Filing Online

  • The Preview button is enabled on this web page while the Submit button is disabled.
  • By clicking the Preview button your document will be displayed with all the information that you have entered. The Submit button will now became "enabled" and you can click it.
  • After you Submit and it has been filed successfully you will be redirected back to the "My Campaign Finance Online Filing" web page.

Additional Tips

Amended Statements: To submit one, click on the Completed link underneath the Status title from the grid. All of the information that was submitted for the Completed report will be copied over to the Amended report.

When you are ready to file the document go to File Online and re-submit the files.

If you have any Campaign Finance questions please contact Hope Olguin at 602-372-2262.

For any technical questions please use the contact us form.