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Early Voting Ballot Request

To request an early ballot for upcoming elections, please complete the form below. A ballot will be mailed to you upon verification of registration. If the following information does not match our registration rolls a ballot will not be sent without an updated registration form being submitted because an original signature is required to modify your record. For information on how to obtain a registration form please see Frequently Asked Questions.

If you desire a ballot to be mailed to an address that is not on your voter registration record (e.g. temporary or out-of-state address), you must submit a written request that contains your: Name, Residence Address, Temporary Mail-to Address, Date of Birth, Party Affiliation (if request is for a partisan Primary Election), Election(s) requesting for and your Signature. Written requests can be sent by fax (602-506-8049) or by mail to:

Maricopa County Elections Department
510 S. 3rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Internet, phone and written request can only be accepted up until the second Friday prior to any election. Should you wish to vote after this time frame or if an election is not listed below, you may be able to vote at one of our offices in person up until the Friday before the election. For additional information please call 602-506-1511, T.D.D. 602-506-2348. For technical questions contact the Webmaster. For tips on filling out the Early Voting Ballot form, click here.

Resident Address Information Only - If you have a mailing address on file with us, your ballot will automatically be mailed to that address. If you wish your ballot to go to a mailing address that IS NOT on file, then you can not use this form. Instead, a written request is required that includes all of the information as listed in the above paragraph and this request can be sent by fax or mail.


*Indicates a required field
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Step 1 - To begin your request, you must fill in ALL* of the following fields

Last Name *  

Date of Birth *   (4 digit year e.g. 1945 not 45) 

House Number * (e.g. You live at 4569 E. Anywhere St. Apt# 218, ENTER ONLY 4569)  

and ONE** of the following fields

SSN** (Last 4 digits)

Voter ID **

Driver's License Number ** or Non-Operating ID License Number (no dashes or spaces)**


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