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Proposition 479 Argument Submission Portal

Maricopa County Elections, a Department of the Board of Supervisors, is proud to present the online argument portal for the 2024 General Election Publicity Pamphlet.

The Argument Portal is the exclusive method for individuals, political committees, and organizations to submit arguments "for" and "against" Proposition 479 for publication in the Maricopa County Publicity Pamphlet. The Publicity Pamphlet will be mailed to each Maricopa County household with a registered voter prior to the start of early voting. You can read the full text of the bill from the Legislature here, and you can read the resolution adopted by the Board of Supervisors here.

On behalf of Maricopa County Elections, thank you for choosing to make your voice heard.


  • Published Information: Arguments published will contain the signer's full name, city, and state of residence. There may be multiple signers per argument and if provided, we will print the signers title and organization. If an argument is sponsored by an organization, we will print the sponsoring organization or individual’s name and title. We require the submitter’s name, address, email, and phone number in case follow up is needed but will not publish those fields.
  • Additional Signers: At the end of the form you will be able to add additional signers to the argument. They will appear in the order that they are submitted. If you would like to include the title and organization for any additional signers you may do so either by adding the information to the name field (like so: First Last, Title, Organization) or by emailing [email protected] with the signers additional information.
  • Fee: The fee for submitting a ballot measure argument is $25.00. Only online payment is accepted. After completing the form below you will be directed to the payment portal and your submission is not complete until the payment is accepted.
  • Deadline: Your argument must be submitted, and online payment must be received through this portal, by 11:59 P.M. (MST) on Tuesday, July 16, 2024.
  • Refund Disclaimer: All purchases are final. Refunds are not available.

NOTICE: Email and Phone Number will not be published and is only for correspondence with Maricopa County Elections if there are questions.

Sponsor Information

If this argument is sponsored by an individual, organization, or political committee. Please complete the following fields. The name of the sponsor will appear in the pamphlet.

Additional Information Required for Organizations and Committees:

  • If this is sponsored by a Political Action Committee, please provide the name and title of either the chairman or treasurer to be published along with the name of the committee.

  • If this is sponsored by an Organization, please provide the name and titles of two executive officers of the organization.
If the information is not properly provided we will be unable to publish the argument in the pamphlet.

Argument Submission

The argument shall not exceed 300 words (per A.R.S. § 19-124(A)). The argument will appear in the Publicity Pamphlet exactly as entered. Please ensure the argument contains proper spelling, capitalization, and grammar prior to submission. Formatting from text will be removed.

Any words beyond 300 will be struck without approval from the submitter and published as edited.


If there is more than one signer for the argument, please add them below. All fields are required for each signer. Only Name, City, and State will be published.

I certify under penalty of perjury that the information provided about the signer(s) and sponsor(s) identified above is true and correct, and if not personally submitted by the signer(s) and/or sponsor(s), I have been authorized by each signer and/or sponsor to submit this ballot measure argument and publicly associate the signer(s) and/or sponsor(s) with this argument in the Maricopa County General Election Publicity Pamphlet.

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